980+ Best 10th Class WhatsApp Group Links

Best 10th Class WhatsApp Group Links

🌟 Welcome to the ultimate hub for 10th Class WhatsApp Group Links! 🎓 Whether you’re seeking academic support, study buddies, or simply a space to share your educational journey, these groups are tailor-made for students like you. 📚

Join a vibrant community of learners from around the globe as you prepare for those crucial exams and navigate the challenges of high school. 💪 Get ready to connect, collaborate, and conquer the 10th grade together! 🔥

Latest 10th Class WhatsApp Group Links

  • 10th Class Doubts – Link
  • Class X CBSE Board – Link
  • General Information – Link
  • Class 10th Student – Link
  • News To Study – Link
  • Knowledge Zone – Link
  • All Knowledge Group – Link
  • English Learning – Link
  • Study Zone Academy – Link
  • Daily Study News – Link
  • General Studies SSLC – Link
  • Paradise Girls 10th – Link
  • School Group – Link
  • 10th Class Maths Chapter – Link
  • BSEB Board Patna – Link

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Active 10th Class WhatsApp Group Links

  • Class 10th General Information – Link
  • Public Coaching Centre – Link
  • BSEB 10th Online Class – Link
  • GK Adda 3 – Link
  • Study Group – Link
  • 10th School Friends – Link
  • CBSE 10th 2020-2021 – Link
  • 10th,11th&12th Class – Link
  • Bihar 10th Board Class – Link
  • 10th Board MH Maths – Join
  • 5 Question Everyday – Join
  • Bihar Board Exam10th&12th – Join
  • Class 10th Assamese – Join
  • Daily English Quotes – Join
  • Mentors Study Group – Join
  • MP board exam – Join

New 10th Class WhatsApp Group Links

  • Study group – Join
  • Study group – Join
  • SR Classes – Link
  • Education Books India  – Link
  • Smart Knowledge – Link
  • CBSE 10th, 11th, And 12th  – Link
  • Mentor Study Group – Link
  • 5 Questions Every day – Link
  • Daily English Study – Link
  • Mathematics Online Group – Link
  • Toppers Zone – Link

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How to join 10th Class WhatsApp Group?

Joining a 10th Class WhatsApp group is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Invitation: You might receive an invitation link from a fellow student or an administrator. Simply click on the link to join the group.
  2. Search: Alternatively, you can search for these groups on social media platforms, education forums, or ask friends for links to active 10th Class WhatsApp groups.
  3. Contact an Admin: If you can’t find a group to join, reach out to an administrator or group member for an invitation.
  4. Respect Privacy: Always respect the privacy of these groups. Do not share invitation links without permission, and ensure that you maintain group guidelines.

Rules For 10th Class WhatsApp Group

Every WhatsApp group has its own set of rules and guidelines. However, some common rules to follow in a 10th Class WhatsApp group include:

  1. Respect and Courtesy: Be polite and respectful to fellow group members.
  2. Stay on Topic: Keep discussions relevant to 10th-grade academics and related activities.
  3. No Spam: Avoid excessive sharing of irrelevant content, advertisements, or promotions.
  4. No Bullying or Harassment: Any form of bullying or harassment is strictly prohibited.
  5. No Personal Information Sharing: Do not share personal contact details, such as phone numbers or addresses, without consent.
  6. No Hate Speech: Refrain from using offensive language, hate speech, or discrimination.
  7. Ask for Help Respectfully: If you need help with studies, ask politely and be considerate of others’ time.

Benefits of Joining 10th Class WhatsApp Group

Participating in a 10th Class WhatsApp group can offer numerous advantages, including:

  1. Academic Support: Get help with homework, assignments, and exam preparations from peers.
  2. Information Sharing: Stay informed about important announcements, exam schedules, and study resources.
  3. Community Building: Connect with fellow students, share experiences, and build a sense of belonging.
  4. Collaboration: Work on group projects or assignments together, fostering teamwork and creativity.
  5. Friendship and Social Interaction: Make new friends and socialize with classmates.
  6. Time-Saving: Easily communicate with multiple classmates at once, saving time and effort.


Joining a 10th Class WhatsApp group can enhance your academic journey and help you build lasting connections with your peers.

Remember to follow the group’s rules, be respectful, and actively participate in discussions to reap the full benefits of this educational platform.

Whether you need assistance with your studies or simply want to stay updated on school activities, these groups provide a valuable resource for 10th-grade students. So, why wait? Join a group today and make the most of your educational experience.

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